100 Acres Gift Box

100 Acres Gift Box

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100 Acres Luxury Hand & Body Products.  These are handmade in the English countryside with essential oils.


Hand Wash - Aromatic lemon myrtle and balmy grapefruit are mingled with fresh rose, juicy sweet orange, heady rose geranium and our Signature (secret) 100 Acres base to create an exquisite, highly distinctive scent. It's rich, fresh, moreish and not too sickly sweet.


Hand Cream - Grapefruit and balmy roman chamomile with fresh rose geranium, sumptuous sweet orange and our Signature (secret) 100 Acres base to create a scent that captures the luscious British countryside.  A distinctive and moreish fragrance, the citrusy scent will linger on your skin for hours after use.


Body Lotion - Top notes of green, earthy lavender and balmy roman chamomile are fused with aromatic geranium bourbon, fresh lemon and sweet linden flower, along with our Signature (secret) 100 Acres base. A sublime, moreish fragrance that captures an idyllic, luscious botanical haven in the British countryside that’s filled with abundant herbs, wild flowers and fragrant fruits. The distinctive, uplifting scent will linger on your skin long after use.


Bubble Bath - They've fused opulent rose and green, fresh lavender with sumptuous sweet orange, earthy ylang-ylang and our Signature (secret) 100 Acres base to create a blissful fragrance that smells like 100 acres of botanical British countryside. The luxurious fragrance oils will infuse into the water and air all around, making you feel like you’re bathing in a luscious, balmy meadow at the height of British summer. A countryside escape in a bottle, even if you’re not able to be there in real life.


100ml Travel Size Bottles Each